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We specialize in dynamic website optimization. Our services can often help with the following situations which will stop other SEO firms dead in their tracks:

  • Dynamic websites: A common issue with dynamic websites is that search engines can not crawl the site and index all of the content.  We can fix this with very little effort required from our clients.

  • Content management websites: Content Management Systems (CMS's) like IBM WebSphere, MedSeek SiteMaker CMS, BroadVision One-To-One®, and many others are an excellent way to build and maintain websites, however search engines often have trouble with these type of websites.

  • Storefront websites: The advantages of these sites are ease of management and a consistent user experience through out the entire online store. However they are typically incompatible with search engines, making your content-rich product pages practically invisible.

  • Password protected websites: A login is typically used in order to collect information about the visitors or to simply gather statistics about who is visiting the site. However this also stops most search engines.  

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